Can I use my SoundTouch as a speaker device from my PC through WiFi connection?

I have my SoundTouch and I'm very happy with it. No issues, no problems, works fine.


Wondering about types of connection to play music/sounds from my Windows PC and I just know one type: Bluetooth.


My WiFi connection is better than any other kind of connection (even if compare with a gigabit wired connection). So, why not use this low latency wifi connection than bluetooth?


My question is: Is it possible to use Bose SoundTouch 20 to play music/sounds from Windows PC using WiFi connection?

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If you want to use your SoundTouch speaker in place of your computer speakers, and play all of the system audio for your PC, then this would only be possible through a Bluetooth connection, or an AUX connection.


You can control the speakers over the Wi-Fi from your computer, but only when using the SoundTouch app. You can install the app on your computer and access all the music services available through SoundTouch, but it would not allow you to play audio from sources like YouTube or other programs on your computer.


I hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions!

If you’re on a Mac, AirPlay (2) would work as well. 


If you’re on a Mac, AirPlay (2) would work as well. 

Only for music playback, no system sounds. SoundTouch speakers aren’t designed to be used as multimedia speakers.


Airplay works great. I used it for all non SoundTouch sources including Apple Music and iOS app based music sources.