Can two soundbar 300 play music simultaneously?

I have two soundbar 300, one in living room and the other in dining room. I wonder is it possible to let them play the same music the same time. If yes, how? Many many thanks! 

Yes, they sure can!  Both SoundBar 300 speakers need to be connected to the same Wifi network. Then, you use the Bose Music app (Apple or Android) to link them together to play the same music. If you are using an Apple iPhone, Apple TV or Mac then you can also use Apple Airplay 2. 

Best of luck to you!

Millions thanks for the information. Just one more silly question. My modem has two frequencies, are they deemed the same Wifi network? 



Never a silly question! In regard to the two frequencies, these will both be your same WiFi network but just two separate channels. However, in order for the systems to communicate and play as a group through the Bose app, you'll need all devices (phone and soundbars) on the same WiFi channel when being used.


If you run into any difficulties with set up please let us know, and we'll be happy to help!