Cannot update TS8 mixer firmware on my Mac (Big Sur)




My T8S mixer is running on firmware 1.0.10 and it works great, but I thought I should try to update to the latest firmware on my Mc Big Sur. It downloaded fine, but try as I might, the update would not run and my Mac kept telling me that there was "no application" to run this.  It also struggled to open the updater at all and kept telling me that it did not "trust" the developer, so I had to hold the control button to open it, but even after doing that I had no luck. 


Compared to my audio other software updates that I do seamlessly, this is proving to be an extremely "clunky" and frustrating software updating process, which I have been surprised by, given the excellence of the hardware product.


Can someone point me in the right direction so I can update my T8S please? I am currently having no luck at all.


Do I even need the update if I'm not using any presets? (I'm wondering if it is even worth all this effort.)




Hello dmarais,


Judging by other posts on this same subject, I know that the updating process on a Mac can be frustrating.  I know the "Gatekeeper" security software that Apple implemented has a lot to do with it, and the Control-click method of opening doesn't always seem to work.


Are these the instructions you're referring to?


Do you have a buddy with a Windows laptop that would let you borrow it, or would do the update for you?  (The software is a quick install, and doesn't "marry" itself to the hardware like some programs do, and is easy to uninstall.)  The updater runs great and the process is fairly quick and painless on my Windows 10 laptop.  It's not a long term solution for future updates, but will get the job done for as infrequently as they come out.


Does that help?

I just updated firmware on my new ts4 … from a M1 MacBook running Big Sur… one day the updater just sat on the screen doing nothing after clicking UPDATE, and I couldn’t quit, had to Force Quit … next day it worked. Remember you have to make a Bose folder and put the updater plus the .bos file plus any presets in the same folder. It did work but I did think it all looked and felt a bit like bad old DOS days! Good luck 

Thanks! I'll give it another try.

Hi - thank you.


Yes, those are the same instructions I was following, but no luck.


I'll keep trying and may seek help from a computer guy I know, if I can't get it to work via my Mac.




Thank solution for macOS Big Sur