Cardioid mode work with 2 x S1 and single Bose sub1 powered bass module?

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Would cardioid mode option work with 2 x S1 and single Bose sub1 powered bass module?


Bose Sub1 powered Bass Module




From my understanding you can link the two S1Pros, but you cannot link a Bass module to them.  You'd be better off going for one of the Live sound systems Pro8/16/32

Well, maybe my question wasn't clear enough: got 2 x S1, T8s and in process of purchasing Sub1 (powered). So T8s mixer connected to 2 inputs at the back of Sub1 and then 2 outputs to each S1, but what will happened if I try to use the "cardioid" mode option on the only on Sub1? Would that make the desired result: limiting the bas frequency spread at the back of the sub?


Hello Julian8023,


Cardioid mode only works if you have two Sub1 (or Sub2) modules.


From page 6 of the Sub1 manual, describing the function of the Phase/Pattern button:

"Phase/Pattern Button: Adjust the polarity of the Sub. Press the button to switch polarity. The corresponding LED will illuminate white while selected. Also allows access to Cardioid mode when using two identical Sub modules."


As I understand it, Cardioid mode works when you stack one of the subs in the opposite direction, and changes the phase so that one woofer is going in while the other is going out so the sound is more focused in one direction.  (I'm certain there is more involved, I'll leave that to the engineers.)


Does that help?

Hi Fish-54,

Thanks for your reply, indeed does explain how Cardioid mode works. I am still waiting fir delivery of my Sub1, so when I get it I shal explore mode.