CC-16/CC-64 does not 'unlock' correctly via Parameter Set recall

When changed via Parameter Set the ‘Lock’ property of a CC-16 or CC-64 is not released correctly. The device no longer indicates that it is locked but the controls do not function as expected.

If other programming exists in the Parameter Set before the ‘lock’ property is added the CC-16 locks as expected (displays <<LOCKED>> when a button is pressed) but does not unlock correctly (<<LOCKED>> is no longer displayed but the Select and Volume buttons do not function).

The issue also occurs with the CC-64. It locks as expected (displays LOCKED when an operation is made) but does not unlock correctly (controls disappear from CC-64 display). Once this occurs it can only be cleared by rebooting the ESP-88/00.

ESP-88 (v2.075 or later), CC-64 (v1.100 or later), CC-16 (v1.5 or later)

Adding the ‘lock’ property to a Parameter Set before other programming or creating additional Parameter Sets that only contain the ‘lock’ property are possible workarounds.

Issue resolved - Designer (v3.043 or later), ESP-88/00 (v3.040 or later)