CC-1D Update is failing every time

CC-1D Update is failing every time when I am doing through CSD 5.8 version .

CC1d is connected over POE near to switch .

Can somebody guide for any  configuration settings .

Hi Nettemravi,


What is the failure message that it gives you? 

If you're using DHCP and a DHCP server, try setting this to a static IP, and set the PC network card to the same static range. Then try updating.

The other possibility is that you have a firewall that is blocking the ports used for updates. Please turn any firewall off during this process. 





Hi Chris ,


I can able to change ip address ,IP Address is static only and Laptop is also in same series .

It is showing - error 18 while doing firmware update  .



Ravi .



I had this same issue.

This helped for me:

- Connect your pc cc1 only to a small POE switch

- update the via the Bose discovery tool (not CS designer)

- set the IP adress if needed


Then it will work fine, you can put it back on the controlspace network