CC-64 change IP address

Hope someone can inform me how to change the IP address for a cc-64 panel. I have installed a PM8500N and a cc-64 to a local network with a router (gateway IP address: The PM8500N gets IP address through it’s DHCP setting, but the cc-64 panel sticks to its IP address Confused I hoped it would change to How can I force the cc-64 panel to change it’s IP address - and not only the last three digits?

Hi Rob

Thanks for quick reply. Now it works Smiler. My mistake. Earlier I changed the Project Network Address in generel under Tools → Set Project Address and hereby the cc-64 did not change the first three octets. Now I understand it has to be done through System → Network Setup and a mark in the update box for the cc-64 device.

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Hi there,

You can change the IP address of the CC-64 via Network setup in ControlSpace Designer. The CC-64s do not support DHCP, only fixed addresses. The first three octets are changed with the Project network address - so with the Network Setup window open and the device found, click on ‘Change’ project network address, and then when you go to update the CC-64 settings the new address will include the desired network address.

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