Charging Port Melted on Bose700

I bought my daughter a pair of Bose 700 headphones in October 2021. Last week, she was charging them overnight and woke up to find her charging port melted and it smelled like burning. Anybody else have this experience? We LOVE the headphones but are concerned whether this is a safety issue. Have not yet reached out to Bose but I think they’ve got some explaining to do. These are expensive and the last thing we need is to burn a house down because of these headphones, their quality notwithstanding.

Hello. First impression, that sounds like a product failure. Under no circumstances should power be allowed to dissipate in enough quantities to melt a connector, whatever the user or the environment may do to it. The Bose 700 use USB type C, and USB type C can pack some serious wattage (up to 100W).

That said, did this happen using the original cable? And a certified USB type C power supply? Note that not all power supplies with a USB Type C connector are even USB Power Delivery compliant. Therefore, they are not to be expected to be good at negotiating and monitoring current. Which is essential for safety over USB type C, which can supply way more than enough current to melt a connector or start a fire, even through no fault of the connected device itself.

Also, it would be illustrative if you could share some photos.