Classic Rock 1960s on: 4 Piece: Rock Radio

Rock Radio : Plays Classic Rock from the late ‘50s through the “almost current” ‘00s, averaging one or two gigs a month. A four piece with 2 Guitars, Bass, Drums, with three vocals. we use three Bose L1 Systems:

- Model II w/ 1 or 2 B1s - Randy Torgerson, Guitar & Vocals
- Model I w/ 1 B1 - Bruce Beyer, Guitar & Vocals
- Model II w/ 1 B2 (w/ 2B1-Paclite outdoors) - Tom ‘Catfish’ Roberts, Bass & Vocals

We became an all L1 band about 8 months after I joined in June of 2011. At the time I joined I had 3 L1 Classics, in use since 2005 in previous groups, and the Model II I currently use with T1-Tonematch for Bass and vocals. I explained to the guitarists and drummer, David Baker, (who was singing at the time) that we could go all L1 (4 of them) if they wanted to try it. The other players were reluctant at first - all the usual reasons - I have a great PA already (and the full-size Pickup required to haul it) - I’m not sure I’d like the sound behind me, etc.

We did two gigs with conventional PAs for everyone else and the L1 for me. The feedback to us from the audience was that they could hear my vocals (L1) clearly, but everyone else was muffled and hard to hear. The band members decided to try the L1 at that point, so we did two gigs with 4 systems (fit in an Audi A4 Wagon!), and after some tweaking things were sounding good!

At this point we started getting complaints about the ‘harsh tone’ of the drummers voice, which the L1 allowed people to hear clearly for the first time. Rather than work on the issue, David decided to forgo singing. Good news for me, because it was one less system to haul. Then Bruce, and soon after Randy, each got their own systems with a T1, and we have been exclusively L1 since.

Bruce and Randy both play direct through a DigiTech modeling pedal into a T1, getting some great sounds, including sustained feedback with the right settings and position beside the column! I play a ’65 Magnatone Hurricane Bass direct through the T1 w/ Ric 4001 preset and it sounds fantastic. We have three-part harmonies going in some songs, and they are clear and consistent. All three vocalists take turns singing lead and harmony, and both Bruce and Randy contribute guitar solos.

We have received compliments from the audience every time we play, and I firmly believe it’s due to the L1!! The venue bartenders/wait-staff have mentioned liking our reasonable volume levels too. Take a listen at:

All songs recorded live with a Tascam or Zoom pocket-recorder, either at practice, or placed in the audience area during gigs. If you listen you can hear people singing along… Thank you Bose.