Cobranet Persisence Not Set on PM Cobranet Card

Hi All,

The Cobranet Cards for the PowerMatch amps are supposed to show up with a bundle assignment of 100. This means that it should be ready to receive audio on bundle 100 with no configuration. (Reminder - you have to use Cobranet Discovery to configure the PM Cobranet cards)

If you have no audio, check the ‘Persistence’ setting in the ‘Advanced’ option of the card configuration. If this is not checked, the bundle assignment(s) will be lost on a power cycle.

A few more notes based on a call earlier today:

*** When in doubt - disable wifi and secondary NICs, disconnect from switches and routers and plug directly into the Cnet Primary Port.
1) If the card does not show up, check the Options to see that the correct Network Interface Card is selected. You may need a crossover cable, depending on the laptop. This is not typically needed on current laptops.
2) If the card shows up with an address of you may not be able to configure the card.
3) Set a static IP on the computer and enable the ‘auto-assignment’ box in Cobranet Disco Options. The IP range should be the same network address as the computer and the starting number will be one digital higher than the last octet of the computer. If the range is not the same as the computer, click the ‘Default’ button to update the range.
4) The IP address should change to an address on the same address as the computer and you should be able to configure the card. You may need to power cycle the amp, and/or restart Disco.

Also as a reminder Cobranet is a layer 2 technology. The IP address is only a temporary assignment for configuring the card.

Screen shot attached.