Community Ranks and Rewards Explained!

Welcome to the Bose Community! Hopefully if you’ve discovered this post you’re interested in learning more about how you can participate in our community, and if so that’s great! One of the things you’ll definitely want to learn more about are the different ranks you can achieve and what it means when you see someone with a fancy username.



Let’s start by going over the ranks on our community and what rewards you get for achieving them. These ranks were redone on July 22nd of 2020 and are listed from high to low.

Rank name



Gold name


Silver name


Bronze name


1 star alt.png1 star alt.png1 star alt.png icon to left of name


Avatar Rank 3 (Gold and Gray)


1 star alt.png1 star alt.png icon to left of name


Avatar Rank 2 (Green, Orange, and Purple)


1 star alt.png icon to left of name


Access to Forum Feedback board


Avatar Rank 1 (Red, Blue, Yellow)


Ability to Private Message


Ability to post and reply


You keep any rewards you obtained from previous ranks as you progress. For example, an Advocate has the 1 star alt.png from Enthusiast, as well as the rewards from ranks below that. 


Your current rank is displayed under your avatar and community name on your profile and your posts.


Members progress to higher ranks by being active participants in the community. Here are the sorts of things you can do to help other members of the community and rank up:

  • Post helpful replies to other members.
  • Give and receive ‘Likes’
  • Have your posts marked as a solution to others posts.
  • Mark answers to your questions as solutions.

There’s a little more to it than that, but by regularly participating in the community and being a mentor to others you’ll progress through the ranks and earn better rewards.



While all members can post and reply to member posts, you’ll unlock more access to the community as you progress, such as the ability to private message other users and leave feedback about the Community for Bose.


You will also gain access to Bose-centric avatars at certain ranks, which will allow you the ability to set rank-exclusive avatars for your profile picture. To update your avatar once you’ve earned one of these ranks, click on your username in the upper right corner of the page then select ‘My Profile’. From there click the pencil icon next to your current avatar, then the ‘Choose Another Avatar’ button, ‘From the Community’, and choose the appropriate Bose collection.


As you continue to rise through the ranks, you’ll also gain 1 star alt.png icons next to your name that others can see on the forum, as well as different colored name for the most active members of our community. If you see someone with stars or a colored name, you’ll immediately know that they are a VIP on the Bose Community.





Badges are special “one time” achievements that you can earn by performing various tasks. You can find your badges on your profile page, or the pages of others from theirs. There’s lots of different ways you can earn badges, and there might even be some hidden ones for you to find, so be sure to check them out. To find out the criteria for a badge, simply click on it.



So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, post helpful replies, and be a positive member in the Bose Community!