Compression driver in Professional Installed

first I do not have an issue so no panic! But I have a question how do you replace a faulty compression driver. I assume the cads manifold comes out of the front of the module to enable testing of each driver?



I tried to do it today and found out that you cannot remove the cads manifold. I removed a woofer and it looks like you can get to the compression drivers that way. It will be a bit fiddley to remove and replace.



Hey Tom. There will eventually be a service manual published for ShowMatch. These are usually posted here:

(internal to Bose only).

Hi Kyle,

we cannot log into this website from Germany. Is this the correct link ?

Maybe you can post the document itself ?

We had several questions regarding CD replacement during our launch this week.

Thanks and best rgds,


Hi Arno,

Thanks, but no, this is not Bose-domain related. We tried while being on the network.

It just doesn’t accept the normal Bose ID and login credentials.



Hi Thomas,

Service manual is not available on the service site yet.

Concerning to the link:
As far as I know, you first have to be connected to the Bose network to get access.
If you are outside the Bose domain, you have to have a separate username/password.

We just noticed that the direct link doesn’t always work.

Thomas tested the link below and was able to access the Service Site: