Connect L1 Model 2 to Behringer Mixer for Dance studios

Hi, need some help


I have a Behringer XENYX mixer, with 2 QSC CP8 speakers as the main outputs. I have two 3.5mm (for laptop / phones) connected as inputs


I bought the L1 Model 2 as I need to give more power to the room


How can I connect the L1 Model 2 to the mixer without taking away the output I send to my QSC speakers?


FYI, I have ToneMatch, but not sure if I need it, as I would like to connect straight to the L1 stand


Thanks for your help

Hello Tropical,


What model Behringer XENYX mixer do you have?  Depending on the model, there may be different ways of doing it.  Also, which model Bose ToneMatch mixer do you have (T1, T4s, or T8s)?


If the mixer has a 1/4" "FX SEND" jack, this is probably the best way, by running a 1/4"-1/4" cable to the analog 1/4" jack on the Model II.  (Whether the cable connectors are TS or TRS doesn't matter, as the FX SEND jack is unbalanced.)  Set the "Trim" control on the Model II base to about "10 O'clock" to start.


Then use the "FX" channel knobs on the XENYX mixer to send the signal from the FX SEND jack to the Model II.  (The mixer's internal FX "bus" already sums the left and right signals to mono.)  The downside is that you will need to control the Model II's volume separately using the channel FX knobs, as only the QSC's will be affected by the master volume.  Adjust the Model II's Trim knob so the light is steady green.  Occasional flickers of red are OK, but if you get steady red, turn the Trim knob down and/or turn the FX channel knobs on the mixer down.


This will allow you to continue to send a stereo left and right mix to the QSC speakers, while sending a mono mix to the Model II.  (The L1 Model Ii is a mono device, and your Behringer XENYX mixer is undoubtedly a stereo mixer.  If you "daisy chain" the Model II from the "Line Out" jack on one of the QSC speakers, you'll only get the left or right channel of the stereo signal, depending on which speaker you connect to.)


If you want to control everything from just the master volume, you may need to the ToneMatch mixer with another set of cables.  Let us know.

Does that help?

The mixer is : Behringer Xenyx 802 PA Mixer 8 Channel


The tonematch is: T4s


I will try your suggestion when I get to the studio today, and I'll report back


Preferably I would like to have everything controlled by the master volume of the mixer. 


Thanks, much appreciated 


Hello again Tropical,


"The mixer is : Behringer Xenyx 802 PA Mixer 8 Channel"  Perfect.  I just happen to have one sitting on my desk, and tested this config.  I'm assuming you have your 3.5mm inputs into 3/4 and 5/6. 


  • Leave the leads that run from your Main Out to your QSC's.  No change there.
  • Run two new 1/4"-1/4" leads from the CTRL ROOM OUT to the T4s.  You can run to any two of the four channels, or to aux in 5 & 6.  I'll discuss the differences in a minute.  Use 1/4" cables, as the XLR jacks expect mic-level signals, while the 1/4" jacks expect line-level signals.
  • Connect your T4s to the Model II via its ToneMatch cable into the T4s Power/Main R jack.

The signals sent to your QSC's are mirrored on the CTRL ROOT OUT jacks.  Once everything is set up, you'll have to adjust the PHONES/CTRL ROOM fader to send a good signal to the T4s.  Once you have that set, then your MAIN MIX fader will control the volume for both the QSC's and the Model II.


As far as the connections to the T4s:

  • If you run the leads from the Behringer mixer to channels 1 & 2 (or 3 & 4, or 1 & 3, ... any combination of the four channels you want) you can use the channel trim and volume controls to adjust the amount of sound going to the master mix.  You can apply ToneMatch presets, add reverb, adjust the EQ of each channel, etc.
  • If you run the leads from the Behringer mixer to aux in 5 & 6, you can leave the other channels available for mics or instruments (if that's even a concern.)  You would control their volume from the PAN/AUX menu.  (This might have an advantage -- random fingers to like to mess with volume knobs.  Since the PAN/AUX levels are "hidden" under menus, it's much harder to mess with your settings.)  Also, since you've already adjusted your mix in the Behringer, you may not need to process it any further -- the aux in's send the signal straight to Master out without any tone processing.
  • Whatever you do, don't run a TRS-TRS cable from the PHONES jack on the Behringer to the analog input on the Model II -- that won't work.  The PHONES jack sends a stereo left and right signal; the Model II jack expects a balanced and - signal.  You'll get a very hollow and distorted sound.


Whether you use channels 1-4 or aux in 5/6, you should use the PAN/AUX menu to pan both channels right.  The default in a T4s is to have everything panned center, so you'll get half a right signal and half a left signal sent to each of the R & L outputs.  The Tonematch cable is only connected to the R output, so half your signal is going to the unconnected L output.  By panning both channels right, you are sending a full signal of both stereo channels from the Behringer to the Model II.


I apologize for the long explanation, but this should make a very versatile setup.  Come back with any more questions!



Thanks so much for all the information 


In regards to the first solution, I ran a TRS cable from the FX send to the Model 2. It works but the sound is not as clear. I changed the cable to a TR and the sound was much better.


However, we both of the cables there js a lot of humming from the Model 2. I have the trim to be 10 o'clock and the FX send to be 12 o clock, and still the humming / buzzing is there


What can I do to stop the humming?


As for the other suggestion, I'll try it soon and report 

Hello again Tropical,


The source of humming in a sound system is always "interesting" (i.e., frustrating) to track down.  The most likely culprits:

  • Long unbalanced (TS) cable runs, especially if they're longer than 20 ft.
  • The mixers and speakers all plugged into different outlets, on different circuits.
  • Improper cables -- sometimes it's hard to tell between a speaker cable (unshielded) and a guitar/instrument cable (shielded.)
  • The power supply "bricks" (USB, laptop, and mixer)  My vote is the laptop's power supply.

While the Xenyx mixer's inputs are balanced, all the outputs are unbalanced, so TS cables are fine.  You'll probably need to try disconnecting each source (phone, laptop) one at a time to see if the humming stops.  Then proceed to change other pieces one at a time.


In my previous replies, I was trying to help maintain stereo separation as you have it now.  If that's not a concern, you might try to rearrange your sources:

  • One device into channel 1 and 2, and the other into 3/4 right and 5/6 right.
  • Then pan all sources right.
  • One cable from Main Out right to the first speaker, then from the line out of the first speaker to the input of the second speaker, then from the line out of the second speaker to the Model II.

I realize that's a lot of reconfiguration, but if you have time you might try it.


Thanks for being patient!