Contrabass through T4S and to Aux 1 output that is plugged into monitor Bose S1 Pro

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S1 Pro T4S





We are an acoustic group - 2 violins, guitar and contrabass balalayka.  

Just recently played a concert and were using as monitor one of the BOSS speakers that are specific to contrabass, because I was told that contrabass will damage S1 Pro PA.  I was very uncomfortable on stage as the sound of my guitar was very harsh and that's why I want S1 Pro as a monitor.


My question -  Is that possible to process the signal of contrabass in such way that it will not damage the monitor?  Again, we are 4 players and will use two S1 Pro as monitors.




Hi ClassGuitar11,

Cool setup! 

The ToneMatch mixers give you the option to send a channel to an AUX output either Dry (no FX applied), Pre-Fader (before channel volume) or Post-Fader. It's not possible, however, to send a channel to an AUX output with different FX parameters replied.

I recommend sending less of the contrabass balalaika to the AUX send, and reducing the bass on the input channel for the S1 Pro. If necessary, you can also add an additional EQ/mixer after the ToneMatch's AUX output to attenuate the low frequencies before going into the S1, but I doubt there'd be much need.

Hope this helps!