ControlSpace Designer 5.9 and Dante Firmware

ControlSpace Designer version 5.9 is now available on 


CSD 5.9: Download 

Release Notes and other CSD files: Link 


Along with new benefits and features, there are a few things you need to know about Dante devices.


Dante firmware updates are required on almost all Dante devices before you can go online with CSD 5.9. The recommended method of updating is through Dante Updater (Part of Dante Controller). 


This requires that firmware files be imported from the CSD bin folder into Dante Updater, as they are not included in the 'Audinate Library'. This was done on purpose, to avoid potential conflicts with mismatched Dante and CSD firmware. 

Dante Updater requires an Internet connection to import these files, even from a local folder. Once imported, devices can be updated offline.

The file path for our firmware files is: C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\Bose\ControlSpace 5.9\Bin\Dante Firmware. 


Attached is a PDF with additional details. 


Note: FUM.exe is no longer supported by Audinate, though we still include this in CSD 5.9. It can also be found in the bin folder (C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\Bose\ControlSpace 5.9\Bin\fum.exe)



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Will a laptop that is connected to the internet via WiFi, but is hardwired into an isolated switch running the Dante devices work?


I'm also having trouble finding any info on the Dante Domain Configuration in CSD. Where am I setting up and/or finding the Hostname, Username, and Password?

Hi Kelly,


Yes, you should be able to do this with dual network connections. 

As for Domain configuration, you'll need to get the by using Dante Domain Manager. 




The v5.9.1 ControlSpace Designer update includes support for AES67 and Dante Domain Manager to improve interoperability and ease of management in enterprise networks. The v2.10 update to ControlSpace Remote includes improvements and bug fixes.