ControlSpace Designer at Windows 7


today I got the attached capture from a dealer using windows 7.

Are the knows issues about the CSD Ver. 2.200 on Windows 7 plattforms?

Is a new version of the CSD announced for using with Windows 7?

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Hi Daniel,

We do not officially support ControlSpace Designer on the Windows 7 platform at this time. We are conducting compatibility tests at the moment and have already uncovered a few issues that will need to be resolved. We are working towards a Windows 7 compatible version but there is no confirmed timescale for this.

A couple of things you might want to check though:

1) It is important that the correct version of the Microsoft .NET framework is installed (v1.1 for CSD v2.050 or earlier and v2.0 for CSD v2.075 or later) in addition to whichever version of .NET is integrated within Windows 7.

2) You might want to check the DPI setting of the display adaptor this is often the cause of screen draw issues like the one in you screen grab.

Here is a link to the Knowledge Base article that describes this.

Smart simulator/Control panels not displaying correctly

Best regards