Controlspace EX-440C semi bricked (only dante works)

Dear support,

a client reported a problem with a dead EX-440C. After several tests, the results are:

the front power/status led not working.

front display not working. Even when power cycling the device.

back Ethernet status leds blink normally.

the device controlspace IP is not responding to ping or anything, not found on the CSD software either.

What is strange is that I can see the DANTE ip on the Dante controller software, and I can interact with the audio routes.

The only clue we have is the client turned off the device the night before and when they plugged it back in the morning it was like this.

Is there a way to force factory restore on this device trough Ethernet/IP?


thanks Arno,

we're processing the warranty trough

Hello Luis,

Thank you for the update.


Hello Luis,

Sorry your customer is running into this.

You can only factory restore the design through the front panel (which does not work in your case).

Network and settings can be factory restored.
Please see chapter 5.6 and 7.13 of the Serial Protocol 5.7 which you can find no PRO.BOSE.COM and/or on you pc (default location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Bose\ControlSpace 5.7\help).

But looking at the symptoms I think the unit need to be replaced.