Controlspace remote on iphone

Hi,can i use the controlspace remote from an iphone to bose PM8250N?Thank u

Thank u for prompt answer

Hi again,how to set the bose pm8250N amplifier in stanby mode ,(when the audio source is no longer play music)?Must to set from CSD or front panel?Thank u and best regards

Hi Claus,

If you would like to be able to toggle standby mode from the ControlSpace Remote app, you can accomplish this with parameter sets.

In your ControlSpace Designer design file, right click on the PowerMatch and select "Toggle Standby", then drag the entire PM block into a parameter set.  Then Toggle Standby again and drag the PM block into a different parameter set.

In Remote Builder, you can drag these parameter sets onto the canvas as buttons, or you can use the ParameterList to create a drop down list.



Hi,can i use on control space processor ESP 88C the control space remote from a device?(iphone for example)Thank u

Hello Claus,

Yes, you can control an ESP-88C from a mobile device/tablet via the ControlSpace Remote app.  

Once you build your ControlSpace Designer file containing the ESP and PowerMatch, you will be able to load the design file into a ControlSpace Remote Builder application.  

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Hello Claus,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

For the Bose PowerMatch amplifiers, the Expansion slot (digital audio) is isolated from the LAN port (control port). Therefor it is not possible to control a PowerMatch USB version using the Bose ControlSpace Remote.


Hello Claus,

Thank you for contacting us.

Yes, as long as the PM8250N (networked) is on a WiFi network, you should be able to control the output volume and the matrix (by programming Parameter sets).

Please use Bose ControlSpace Designer to configure the PM8250N and use Bose ControlSpace Remote builder to create the design for the iPhone.
And download Bose ControlSpace Remote custom from the Apple store.