Couldn't help myself... Just bought a Pro8 .. while waiting for my Pro32- I'm busting

I'll be reviewing this on this topic as we go.  I went into Guitar Center Tampa to see if I could sell them my Model 2 to raise capital for when my on-order Pro32 come in to Sweetwater.  (I usually use my L1 Classics).  Lo and behold, I walked back to audio and there sat four Pro8 boxes and a Pro8 set up for demo.  I never expected any Pro models to be available yet.  The unit sounded great so I traded the L1M2 and some cash for the Pro8.   I have it set up at home til gig tomorrow.  The L1 Mix app works flawlessly so far.   I'll be gigging with it tomorrow and Sunday and will fill you all in and try to provide some video.

Can’t wait to hear your review