Creating a New Topic

You've looked around the forum, searched online, and gone to the Bose Support page looking for assistance. Now you're ready to post to the community. You click the "New Topic" new topic button2.png button and you're presented with prepopulated body text so that others can understand your issue and help, but you're not sure exactly how to answer each question. Don't worry, this post will help you!


Product name

An easy way to find the exact name of your product is to go to the support website and use the Support product finder.



We are looking for your country of purchase, but if your country of residence is different, please let us know!


Firmware Version and App version

The best place to find the firmware or app version for your product is by going into the corresponding App you use with the product.

What devices were you using that were affected and what version are they on

It helps us to know any devices you have connected when you experience the issue and the OS it uses. The more detail here of the device's name and details the better!

Detailed description of the issue and steps to reproduce

What exactly is the issue and how did you run into it. Does it happen every time, some of the time, every 5 mins?


What environment do you experience the issue in?

Different environments have different acoustics, but also can contribute in other ways as well. An office setting may have a lot of connected devices, or at home you could be on the opposite side of your house as your router. If you find you run into an issue in some places and not others, let us know!


When did you start to experience the issue? Did it work correctly previously?

Did you recently update or make any other changes that may have caused the issue? Has your device never worked, or only recently stopped working? Once again, the more context we have the better.


Any troubleshooting steps you took

Anything you've tried do it helpful for us. Not only might we not suggest steps you've already taken, but if something changed after you took a step, it may indicate a break or a potential fix.


We hope this helps you craft your new topic on the community!