CSD 5.5 Crashed when re-running standard room combiner wizard

When I attempted to reopen my saved file, I got this error:

any choice results in the ESP 1240 block disappearing from the project view. There doesn't seem to be a way to recover. 

Hi Brian,

Thank you for reporting this issue.
I could reproduce it with your design file.
When I created a new design file in CD 5.5, I'm not able to reproduce this issue.

Was this design previously created in another version of CSD?
If so, which version?


Hello Arno,

This was created only in CSD 5.5. But after experimenting, it seems that CSD is looking at hardware that I have connected to my network. I had a different processor at (EX1280c). When I removed that device from my network, the error went away.

Hi Brian,

I did some more testing, and I was able to let CSD crash when using the wizard, this as long as the BGM inputs were connected to an input source.

So far I'm not able to let CSD crash re-opening a saved design file.

I will log this issue. [PS-570]

Disconnect the BGM input, use the StRC wizard to make the changes needed and reconnect the BGM input again.


Room Combiner is still crashing CSD 5.6 when re-running the wizard. Disconnecting all inputs and BGM sources seems to still be a sound workaround.