CSP-428 and CC-2D

Could someone direct me towards a setup guide for getting the CC-2D talking to the CSP-428?


I cant see anything on the Bose website online. I have all devices on a fixed IP in the same range and can see them in discovery tool , Cant see any function within the CSP-428 web browser to search for controllers and the Identify button in the browser does nothing. 




I am having the same issue. New firmware installed. I found the CC2D once and now I cannot seem to find it again. It just seems to be missing. The CC2D is getting PoE (it brighten, then dims) but I cannot see it in the program for the CSP-428. I looked through the training and there is nothing on how the controllers are synced to the program. The info you gave earlier in this thread are better than what is on the training site. I only have one CC2D at this time. I am rolling out systems that will consist of 5 CC1Ds. I am writing the Installation Narrative for these systems and I am a little concerned about this issue. 




Also the Device Tool does see it as well and all devices have static addresses. 

I think this is a firmware issue. I updated mine to the .826 Controlspace firmware and need to roll it back to the CSP firmware. Now how do you do that? 

Hi Jay,

See attached bulletin for the procedure to change the CC-xD back to CSP mode.




1. I also have a problem with CC-2D v0.130 on CSP428 v1.0.4. I don't see it in the list of controllers in the web interface on the CSP428.

In Discovery Tool v1.0, I see both devices, assigned a static IP address to all.

Also, Discovery Tool v1.0 when updating the CC-2D firmware from v0.130 to v0.200, the update process stops at 29%


2.Is it expected to add audio delay to the outputs in the CSP428?

Hello HD Tom,

on the Controller page you should see the connected Controllers at the top.
When you click on one of the Controllers you should be able to assign it to a listing area and select which inputs should be selectable.


Thanks Nick-Figured it out after I had already posted.