Custom Scale for Direct and Reflected Coverage

Hey Guys,

Excited to be a part of the forum, I apologize for the blitz of posts, I am trying to catch up.

This request is in addition to the request I saw earlier for custom assignable colors on the Absolute DB scale.

I would like to be able to specify a custom DB range ie. 105-94 or so assign colors to that range incrementally. If the speakers do not fall within that range they can be greyed (or custom color) for too high and too low.

This is in contrast as to how i see modeler working right now where your peak SPL is the top (depending on your offset) and the range is applied from there.

I like the offset feature but i would find it useful to be able to assign my own range and colors.

Thank you!

Awesome! Thanks.

This is a great one. We had heard it from many people and it is on our list for next release oif Modeler (no promises yet…)