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So I needed a extension cable for my companion 2 series 3, one of your employees tells me to call the next day cause they'll have 155 units in stock, so I agree to call the next day. 


I call and then im told they won't be avaliable to April, why is your employee giving out misinformation to customers when they should be accurate, im just trying to get a cable and your telling me to wait 2 months for a cable that I cant even buy in store.


The part number of the extension cable is 364138-001s.


email is [Removed by Moderator]

this is truly a disappointment from such a premium company 


Bose product name

Companion 2 series 3





Firmware Version


App Vedevices


What devices were you using that were affected and what version are they on (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S9 on Android 11, iPhone X on iOS14, etc.)

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When did you start to experience the issue? Did it work correctly previously?


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None because I needed a cable 

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I am sorry to hear about your experience when trying to purchase the extension cable. Regrettably, we're unable to assist with orders via this platform. Please reach out to your local support team for further assistance with this matter. Global Contact Us > Select your country > Scroll to the bottom of the page > Click 'Contact Us'