Dante Shows connection but no audio passes

I was configuring one of the Rep Demo Racks.

ESP880 and PM8500N with Dante Cards.

Updated firmware to 4.4 in both devices.
Updated Dante Firmware in ESP880 and setup for 32ch successfully.
Did not update Dante Firmware in PM8500N (by oversight).
Enabled Dante control and restored subscriptions. Dante VSC from laptop could pass audio to ESP880.
Dante Properties showed successful subscriptions between the ESP880 Transmitter and PM8500N Receiver, but no audio would pass. Dante Controller showed the same thing.

I updated the Dante Firmware in the PM8500N and then audio would pass.

This is not what I would have expected.

Hi Brian,

We noticed that is some cases no audio is passing to Dante even though metering in CSD is showing.
Most of the time a power cycle of the ESP will fix this issue.

So far we only could reproduce this with Dante 32x32 (ESP 1U)

We logged this issue.

Sorry for the inconveniences.

Hi Arno,

Do you have any news about this issue?

Best regards

Hi Roger,

Yes there is a fix:

Great! Thank you Arno!

Best regards