Device Connection Failure and Red Status LED when uploading to v2.112 firmware

When attempting to upload a configuration file using ControlSpace Designer v2.075 to an ESP-88 loaded with v2.112 firmware a ‘Device Connection Failure’ error occurs, the Status LED turns red and the upload ceases. The issue may also occur with ControlSpace Designer v2.050 but only with certain configurations.

A number of ESPs were incorrectly shipped with v2.112 firmware which despite the numbering is actually older than v2.050 and v2.075. Since v2.112 firmware appears to be newer you are not prompted to upgrade the firmware when connecting with ControlSpace Designer v2.050 or v2.075 and it is possible to upload a configuration file incompatible with the v2.112 firmware. The error occurs because the older (v2.112) firmware can not read some of the contents of the newer (v2.050 or v2.075) configuration.

ESP-88 (v2.112), Designer (v2.050-v2.075)

Once the error has occured the ESP can be reset with a power-cycle. To avoid the issue you should update the ESP-88 firmware to match the version of ControlSpace Designer being used (v2.050 or v2.075). Since the numbering is incorrect you will need to manually check the upgrade box.

Alternatively upgrading to the later ControlSpace Designer v2.200 will ensure that the older v2.112 firmware is picked up and you will automatically be prompted to upgrade the ESP firmware when trying to connect.

Issue resolved (v2.200 or later)

ESPs incorrectly shipped with v2.112 firmware loaded