'Device Connection Failure' when uploading a design with Surround Card & Presets

The following ‘Device Connection Failure’ error message is received when attempting to upload a design that includes a Surround Card and one or more Presets created with ControlSpace Designer v2.075 or later.

With the release of ControlSpace Designer v2.075 (and Surround Card firmware v6) a ‘system tuning’ function was added to the Surround Card Module. The properties associated with this function are not stored correctly within a Preset and hence the ‘netlist’ error is generated when attempting to upload the design (including the preset information)to the ESP.

ESP-88 (v2.075 or later), Designer (v2.075 or later)

Generally we would recommend using Parameter Sets for most projects and in this instance using Parameter Sets instead of Presets to make system changes would resolve the issue.

Issue resolved - Designer (v3.043 or later), ESP-88/00 (v3.040 or later)

Presets are no longer supported as a programming construct, hence the issue can no longer occur