Drop Out from Panaray controller

Hi There,

I have an original Panaray controller which is dropping out.  It sounds like the limiter is activating but I have shut all four limiters off and still get drop outs at medium to higher volumes.

The controller has 4 802IIIs connected and is not running at excessive volumes.



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Thank you.

Hi Derek,

I'm sorry for the trouble.  It's probably best in this case to call us directly - 877-335-2673. 

But, just to throw it out there - have you confirmed it's not the amplifier going into a protection state?  From your description, it sounds like all four outputs are scaling back together, so the finger does seem to be pointing at the controller.  Please give us a call and we can discuss service options.

Hi Nick,

Sorry for the duel post, I did not realize there was a delay in the post being visible.  I posted again at the end of the event, when I could not find this post on line.

Problem has now been resolved by Bose Support.

Thank you for your input