EdgeMax EM180/EM90 low impedance limiter settings - October 2020 in Professional Installed

The limiter settings stored within the EM180 and EM90 EQ presets for PowerMatch, PowerShare Dante, and other smart amplifiers are incorrectly set at 71 Peak/50 RMS, instead of the proper values of 63 V Peak/31.5 V RMS.  Users of DSPs should also be aware of the proper 63 V Peak/31.5 V RMS settings if they are using limiters in DSP.  This issue only affects EdgeMax installations setup as low-impedance (low-Z) and this is not an issue when operating in 70/100V mode.  The proper limiter settings are being updated in all appropriate software and smart amplifiers with the next release in the calendar year Jan-March 2021 timeframe.  In the meantime, this zip file and its contents can be used to manually update Control Space Designer for use in PowerMatch and PowerShare Dante amplifiers. 


Procedure for PowerMatch/PowerShare Dante amplifiers

  1. Obtain the Loudspeaker EQ v0.065 patch zip file and extract the contents.
  2. Close ControlSpace Designer.
  3. Replace the Speakers.xml file by overwriting/replacing it in your PC’s proper folder.  This is usually located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Bose\ControlSpace 5.8\bin.
  4. Replace the EM90.seq and EM180.seq files by overwriting/replacing it in your PC’s proper folder. This is usually located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Bose\ControlSpace 5.8\bin\LoudspeakerData\EdgeMax.


Procedure for ESP/EX and other DSPs


Manually adjust limiter thresholds in DSP limiters in your projects to 63 V Peak/31.5 V RMS if they are set differently.


Procedure for PowerSpace amplifiers using PowerShare Editor


  1. Open the EM90 or EM180 EQ preset.
  2. Navigate to limiter, observe 71 Peak/50 RMS and manually change to 63 V Peak/31.5 V RMS
  3. Update hardware & projects as needed, this will have to be done each time, for each channel

Projects using CSP/PowerSpace

Firmware Updates to CSP/PowerSpace are coming in the calendar year January-March timeframe.