ESP 00 mk2 red power light on random

Bose ESP 00 mk2.

V5.8.2 soft.


We have approx 15 of these units on a network which have been running without issue for a couple of years. We also have 2 x 1240AD processors on the same network.


Recently we have experienced all of the ESP 00 (not the 1240AD) becoming unresponsive and the power light is red. This is during normal operation not when being accessed by CSD soft, no firmware updates (all are current for v5.8.2)

We have checked the logs of our networked equipment and nothing seems to be malfunctioning. We checked our UPS logs incase of voltage drop or spikes etc but all is OK.

I think it is network related as this is the only thing common to all the ESP 00s.

Any advice on this issue would be most welcome. This has happen twice in the last 2 weeks. Both at different times od the day.

Thanks in anticipation...

Hi John,


As you guessed, it's likely something common to all ESP-00s like a network issue.

However if one of these is the RTC device and it has an issue, all others 'could' be affected.

Ultimately, I would try to connect to them individually (off of the network, direct ethernet from PC). 

If you have the original design file, you can always re-upload it.


What have you tried in terms of troubleshooting/connecting thus far?


Please provide more detail as follows:

1. Besides the red LED, are any passing audio? 

2. Are they all sharing the same file?

3. Were there any network changes or restrictions placed on the network?

4. Can you scan? See them in Hardware Manager? 


Let us know what you can find. If you connect to one and you can upload a blank file, it would clear the light, but this may not be the fix- just an indicator of what might be wrong.