ESP-88C Not responsive

HI All


I have an Old ESP 88 that I removed from an instillation.


We are looking at replacing it with a 880.


It was probably never serviced in its life. It came to me with a power supply fault. I replaced the PSU and it comes on but i cannot connect to it at all.


It has a Power LED and the Network LED is lit when its on a network.


Did an IP scan and it didn't come up.

Putty did not talk to it either.

It's as though its lost its basic settings? The battery is next on my list but before i put any more effort into it i just wanted to see if anyone on here has a suggestion.


Thank you James.

Hi James,


The ESP-88 over time can drop their 5.2vDC output to below 5.2. I'm not sure which model of PSU you're using, but it may have a screw adjustment option for this. If the 5.2vDC is lower, it should be back to 5.2, and as much as 5.4vDC. 


When this is dropped, it can effect even the network port from working correctly. 


For further details, you can try calling us (if you're in the US) at 800-994-2673.


Thank you,