EX1280C CRR Master Volume VIA Serial

Hi All. I have a customer that needs control of the CRR Master Volume output via Push Controls. He will have to build this module as it's not yet released by Push. 

I have found and tested the command SA"CRR 1">1>1=12<CR> to set Master Vol. to 12. I have not been successful in controlling incremental steps as you would need with a slider/push button controller. This does not seem to be in the protocol document.

Can you advise a command that would allow a 1db increase/ decrease in volume on the CRR 1 Master Volume control?

Many thanks, Steve

Hello Steve,

Most of the time the incremental/decremental steps are managed by the control system. 
The only way to control a gain (incremental/decremental) is by adding the gain block to a group.

So in your case, you can add a gain block post CRR. Add this gain block to a group. And control the Group master:

SG n,l<CR>   n is the Group nubmer, 1-40h (1-64 decimal)
                      l is the level, 0h(-60 dB) to 90h ( 12 dB) for a gain block in 0.5 steps (0-144 dec)

We have received more requests for other incremental/decremental control and that has been logged.