Ex1280C with controlCUE-two RS232 volume control increment/decrement not working

Hi Team,
When we try to connect EX1280C Ver2.140 (CSD5.7.1) with Controlcue2 to remotely control the volume, the function is not working.
from the 'Device commands' list reset function and all the 'Module commands' are working.
The client requirement is to enable volume control from the Controlcue 2

We can directly go the volume levels values but there is no incremental/decremental option.

Kindly help

Varun Asokan

Hello Varun,

Thank you for contacting us.

We only support incremental/decremental volume control for the Inputs and Outputs, and for Groups. Not for Gain blocks.

The workaround could be to control the Inputs or Outputs, or adding the Gain block to a Group and control the Group.