Extend battery life

When using my SoundLink Revolve II Bluetooth® speaker inside, should I leave it plugged in all the time?  Or should I unplug it, drain the battery, then recharge it?  Which will extend the battery life the most?

(I do not work for Bose)

I have been 'playing around' with two Revolves this last week or so.  I am not going to be able to to directly answer your question since this device does not 'behave' as my other battery operated devices.

1. I have found that if I start at 100% and completely initialize the Revolve without any pairings/connection.  One device after 4 or 5 days is still at 100% and one yesterday was down to 90%.  I am assuming the drain must be with the BLE circuitry but as nothing is paired (a) I am not exactly sure what it was doing and (b) I don't understand why  one (two or three feet away) stayed at 100%

2. People here have reported significant issues involving recharging the revolve when the percentage gets low.  Two weeks ago, I had one unit unexplained go to 20% and then while I was charging go to 10%.  Some people have said here that when the red light went on, they were unable to charge it at all.  I had to use an Apple wall brick to charge since my other methods which usually charge were not working.  So I would not suggest myself you let it go much below say 50%.  For most devices, there is a circuitry to prevent overcharging.  I have been measuring charging with a "Powerjive" USB testing and it still charges for a bit when the green light comes on, but very soon thereafter the charge rate goes to 0 amps.  In the charging from 90% today, the Revolve took a 736 mAh charge to go from 90 to 100%.

3. Turning the top off puts it into BLE mode.  If the unit is "paired" and those pairing devices are within BT range, presumably the Revolve will communicate with them and use power.  To turn it off completely you need to hold down the multifunction key until all the lights blink.  However, so far, I have not seen any power saving benefit from doing that, though I have not honestly been meticulous in my testing.

So my personal answer to your question is to do what I do - keep the charge at 100% but do not get 'alarmist' 🙂 and let it go down a bit but not a lot before recharging.  I keep my older Mini 2 charging all the time, but I unplug my Revolves at 100%.