Extra Acoustic guitar on tonematch Help

Hi everybody at bose musicians forum.
I have the Tonematch and i use backing tracks with the Ipod so i need the 4/5 channel for the Ipod and two microphones each one on channel 1 and 2 and i connect my Boss GT 10 on channel 3. I need to connect an Acoustic guitar and i don´t want to connect the acoustic guitar on the L1 base because i need to use the Aux to send the signals to another speakers so, i need some kind of solution for this problem, Can anybody help me out solving this problem. I apreciate that. Thanks

Hi twinflames,

Thank you for joining the message board.

You are basically out of inputs so you can get a small mixer to combine two of your sources. I would probably combine the Boss GT 10 with the iPod because you could get away with running without a Preset.

So that would be:

  • Boss GT 10 to mixer
  • iPod to mixer
  • mixer to T1® Channels 4/5 with no preset

This leaves T1® Channels free to do this:
  1. Vocal microphone
  2. Vocal microphone
  3. Acoustic Guitar
  4. (really 4/5) mixer with combined inputs from GT 10 and iPod

If you don’t want to do that, you could try this.

  1. Vocal microphone
  2. Vocal microphone
  3. Acoustic Guitar
  4. GT 10
  5. iPod (you will have to force this to be mono with a direct box or adapter cable.

Thank you very much for the great tip, i will try with an extra mixer connected to the 4/5 channell. Best regards

Hey twinflames…I wish I had a nickel for every time I’ve found myself needing an x-tra input on the T1!

I have a similar setup to yours:
2 vocal mics
Acoustic guitar
Electric guitar
Backing tracks

the difference being I use a laptop for the trax, so I have the usb input available to me. I checked around and could NOT find a usb solution for the ipod. Anyway, ST’s suggestion(s) are good and economical(space and price).

The reason for replying is that others may be in the same boat and benefit from our trials and workarounds.
I finally resigned myself to bringing the trax in via USB so that I could have the 4 channels available for vocals and guitars. The problem was that i had no control over trax volume other than manually adjusting iTunes volume with the trackpad…a little cumbersome when playing guitar.

As much as I try, my trax do not all play back at the same volume, so I need a quick way to adjust on the fly. My search led to the Powermate
powermate which provides me with a big ol’ vol button that’s kinda hard to miss. It also handles start/stop and scrolling duties.

Of course, it would be nice to have minimal usb “channel” control on the T1…perhaps even some presets…But this works for me.