Extremely Hot Output from Bose L1 Pro 8

I used my Pro 8's for the first time this weekend. I had a long room so I brought my L1 compacts as a fill and used my Alto Stealth Pro wireless system.  I hooked up the output from the pro 8 to the Alto Stealth.  What I noticed though is the output level was so hot.  Is there any way to lower the output level or is it basically just passing through whatever I am feeding it?  Also is there any way to see what level I am feeding to the speakers themselves?  I know the lights on the back will show me if I am clipping on the output but how do I know I am not clipping on the input?



Hello Joe Nardi,


Forum member Gairman had this same issue on the forum a little over a month ago.  In this thread, I suggested he get one or more inline attenuators.  Examples would be the Shure A15AS or Audio-Technica AT8202, which have switchable levels of db attenuation, or any number of fixed db attenuators from Whirlwind, IMP, RapcoHorizon, Hosa, Procraft, etc.  That should do the trick!


Does that help?

Thanks, I will give that a try.


In regards to checking my signal going into the speaker itself is there anyway to check that?


I'm coming from using Evolve 50s which I was able to check my level coming in on the display but with no display on the PRO 8's I'm assuming this isn't possible?  Maybe something they will add to the app?