F1 812 clipping



we we are a 5 piece band, going through an Allen and Heath mix wizard 3 to two F1 subs then out of subs to two F1 812s. We are getting a lot of clipping (red light) on the 812s during our performance. 

The mixer's mains and channel faders are set to unity gain.

The 812s are set to "with sub" and the subs are set to full range. The volumes of all speakers are around the 1 o'clock mark.

can anyone shed any light on how to address this clipping issue.

it appears to happen most when more than one vocalist is singing, although not exclusively then.

we are thinking about getting a DBX PA2 , but do not have the "turnings" for the Bose set up.


any help would be much appreciated

Try turning down the mixer main output fader(s) and turn up F1s...

The clipping light usually means the signal coming INTO the F1s is too hot.  I have an A&H board as well and if you're running a balanced cable from it to the F1 (3 conductor) then it will put out a hot signal.

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Please check out this article about the F1 Model 812 Volume Controls and Signal / Clip lights.

Are you hearing any distortion / clipping? If not you're probably okay.


Try the above then add more compression to your signals. You may even turn it back up, but I doubt you need to.



From what I've researched, the input clip lights can flicker red for up to 1 second, which means you're -5db below clipping. When the speakers clip light is on its not going to harm the speaker as it still has advanced limiter protection and in the case of being pushed too hard into true limiting (Amber light) will protect itself and even shut down momentarily if the warnings are ignored.  I try not to push my equipment but there have been moments where I've had to, and the F1s are still going strong 4 years on.


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For those reading along, you can find confirmation of DLobb01's statements in this article

F1 Model 812 Volume Controls and Signal / Clip lights.