F1 addition to my L1 T1 set up

Hi all, I'm a solo vocalist/ acoustic guitar player. I have been using an L1 for the last 6 months and really love its quality and ability to work in lots of different sized spaces. For a handful of shows, I have felt like I have needed some extra power to move some more air and keep people on the dancefloor. I just purchased an F1 top box (no sub). My question is, what is the best way to set up the T1 to run both the L1 and the F1 to make the best use of the extra power? 

Duplicate post. Please see: F1 addition to my L1 T1 set up

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I'm a solo acoustic vocalist and acoustic guitar player playing small to medium-sized rooms. I have been running the L1 successfully for the last 6 months


and found that on a few shows where the crowd wanted to dance I needed a little more air to move and the mids and low end to kick a little harder.

What model L1 are we discussing?

What Model L1® do you have?
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--?8T? Please click the picture for more details ?T8?--


So I just picked up an F1 812 speaker without the sub to my set up.


My question is what is the best way to run the F1 and the L1 from the T1 so I can utilize its extra power in the best way possible?

If you have an L1 Model 1S or L1 Model II, connect the T1 to the power stand using the ToneMatch cable. You are probably doing this now.

Connect the T1 Master Output to the F1 Model 812 channel 1.

Please see this article: T1 to F1 Model 812
You can ignore the references to the F1 Subwoofer in the article.

If you are using one of the other L1 models, connect the T1 Master output to the L1 and the T1 Aux output to the F1 Model 812.

T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine Aux Output
--?8T? Please click the picture for more details ?T8?--    


Connect the T1 Master Output to the F1 as shown in the article T1 to F1 Model 812, and connect the F1 Line output to the L1.

That should get you going.


Thanks for your reply, awesome! I have the L1 Model ll, B1. And now an F1 top box.

The info you provided is perfect. I ran the system at a show last night before I got your reply, using the Aux output from the T1 which worked well and gave me a separate mix for the F1. Today I’ll try the master output and see how the system sounds at an outdoor gig. 

It was good to note in the article you linked how hard I can run the F1 if required, “till the red limit indicater is flashing but not on constantly”

I love how the Bose system allows me to fill a space with super high quality sound without having to tweak it constantly. I have found that the audience reacts more emotively when using Bose compared to other systems or it may be that I just feel happier when using the Bose setup. Thank you for making such highly functional and pleasantly convenient PA systems. 

I’m curious about this thread. I’ve got the L1S and I’m thinking about reinforcing it with the F1 812. 
To the OP, how did you set your two systems up in relation to each other? Was it a remarkable difference and was feedback an issue?