F1 data in Professional Installed


Is there a chance that there will be F1 data available?
I know it’s LM product, but brackets will make it typical installation loudspeaker…

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Are you looking for the full tech data sheet including polars? We do have some info available today on pro.Bose.com.

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I meant typical Modeler file, to use it when preparing designs…

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Ah, okay. I doubt we will have any data to share until the Passive variant becomes available. Even then, we need to be careful as this product is not necessarily an engineered-design installed product, but one that is used in common situations where you would not typically use Modeler. Think school auditorium, bar/lounge/club, small-medium stage.

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There will be 3 brackets available (See attachment):
- Horizontal
- Vertical
- Wall

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Bose F1 speaker data has been made available. Please check this announcement.

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