F1 System vs JBL SRX815P

I’m interested in buying Bose F1 system.  Currently, I have 2 JBL SRX815P (2000 watts per speaker) and 2 JBL SRX818SP (1000 watts per sub). I mostly do weddings and receptions. Most of the music that I played has the good amount of bass – club music, hip-hop and mainstream.
Are the pair of Bose F1 system good enough for 250 to 500 guest events ?
If I need more bass - can I add additional subs to top ?

You didn't mention the reason why you are considering the F1 system.  Your JBL system (of which I am very familiar) will exhibit higher output and bass extension compared to Bose F1, especially if you've performed the gain tweaks in the DSP. The 815 tops along with the Yamaha DSR tops are as high output as you'll find at this price point and the 818 is no slouch for a single 18" front load cabinet.  The benefit of Bose F1 vs. JBL is portability, power per weight, good looking,  and a smoothness that requires very little equalization to sound good and avoid feedback, especially in a live music setting at reasonable levels.  So really depends on what you're trying to do.  If you're DJ'ing and want more bass (you asked about multiple subs), upgrading your 818 subs to 828 dual subs will give you significantly higher bass output that is pretty close to state of the art at the price point. But 828's are not nearly as portable of course, so again comes back to what you're trying to do.  

Thanks for the reply.

I’m considering the F1 system for portability, weight and ease of setup. I will be using this system mainly for dj use.  I mostly do weddings and other small events with the audience size of 150 to 500 mainly indoor venues.

I would say two F1 tops and 2-4 sub would do well for you. I would start with two subs and add more if needed. Also I would recommend (for the larger shows 300 ) keeping the subs in the center and also having the 812 tops on stands to get them up over the crowd a bit...

Hey. I'm Jose Fernandes. I'm in search of bang for buck products. I mostly do medium to very large sized venues. 700 people, mostly.


I have 2 options, please help me make the right choice: 




8 pair of Bose F1 model 812? 


I need speakers that will run longer duration, fidelity, less or no distortion & clipping, long lasting, portability. 

I'm not sure about Bose F1 as those are just small 10 inch subs. Please correct me if I'm wrong or if im underestimating it's capacity.