Factory Reset ESP-88 in Professional Installed

Hi ,

I have a ESP-88 and it was on FW 4.62. By mistake i opened it with CS 3.2 and upgraded to 3.2 FW. By the time i realised that I have clicked wrongly, it was already upgrading - downgrading to FW 3.2.

Now after reboot, the status light is RED and it won't ping default ip

Can  I do a factory reset ?

Thank you Arno, highly appreciated!

I will try and post my result.

Hi Arno, It is a success ! I went to 4.4.2 firmware 4.62.

I have few other questions. I will try to message you or see if I can find in the forum.

Much appreciated!

I have same issue that employee forgot password and I need to do  factory reset for the whole unit.

Im using putty, already tried RESET command but it only reboots.


Kindly give the command to do factory reset for Bose ESP-880


Hi Dabbagh,


I've sent you a private message. 



Hello team,


I am trying following the same process, but not able to go through the update.


Please suggest, if needs to expedite any other activity.



So you are able to see the ESP-88 via IP in CSD (hardware manager) but it won't complete the firmware update? What does it say/do? Do you get a specific error? What version of CSD are you using?

The issue of communicating with the device vs updating are two very different problems. 




Hello Farrukh,

For the ESP88/00 you can update the firmware via the serial port (long process).

Download attached application "CSSerialUpdate.exe" and save it the bin folder (by default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Bose\ControlSpace 5.4\bin"

Make a serial connection between you PC and the ESP88.
Do not power the ESP88 yet.

Start "CSSerialUpdate"
Select COM port
Select the correct firmware (esp_v4.630.frm)
Click on Update
Power the ESP88
Update process should start


Hello Farrukh,

Thank you for the update and do not hesitate to contact us.