Failed IOCardPgm update - Dante Card not visible

Dear Kind CSD Folks,

One of our US contractors reported to me that, after updating an ESP88C with an installed Dante Card from CSD version 3.x to 4.4.1 and getting the usual card carrier warning to update from version 2 to version 8, he encountered what seemed like an IOCardPgm card carrier firmware update failure. It took an extraordinary amount of time before the failure message – but when he later attempted to rerun the IOCardPgm, the message came back that all firmware was up to date. However, in scanning his hardware, the Dante card will not show up.

We cleaned up some IP confusion and managed to update the Dante firmware and placed the card in legacy mode – with a connection from the computer to the Dante Primary, and a loop through from the Dante Secondary to the ESP88C control port.

He was able to run the IOCardPgm.exe -adv from the command line as administrator but the card still did not show up. He then selected the slot where it should have appeared to try to force an update, but when he pressed “update” the program crashed.

Anybody have any clues on getting this one back on track?

Best regards,