Fake Bose 700 on Aliexpress Authorized Dealer. in Around & On-Ear Headphones

Hello how are you
It's my first post
My English is not very good, I apologize

I recently bought a Bose 700 from a supposed authorized seller on Aliexpress and they sent me a fake product.

I have reported them to aliexpress but they ask me to have an expert examine the photos and decide if the product is fake or not, so I ask for your help

I send you photos.

-No touch buttons
-No noise cancellation
-It does not have the Bluetooth button
-It has MicroUSB instead of USB type C
-They even have the nerve to put an FM tuner and MicroSD reader

I want to know with whom I can report them and send them all the details of the seller who sells these fake products.

Thank you.

Unfortunately AliExpress, just like Wish has a lot of fakes on it.  While I don't work for Bose, I can say that no Bose headphone has a FM transmitter or sd/microsd card reader in it.  One of the mods here will probably link the email address to authenticate them, but you could just link the Bose site and photos.  The buttons alone will show a difference and the name on the box "wireless silencing earphones" show it wasn't an english speaker that designed the box.


How do you know they are an authorised reseller?  Many fake companies, just put the logo up saying they are authorised, but I doubt Bose supplies any Aliexpress sellers (can't say that for certain though).



  (I do not work for Bose)

My memory is a bit hazy as this was something more than 5 years ago, but I vaguely recollect buying a dashcam from Aliexpress which had issues (can't remember exactly what).  Could not easily return since it would have had to be mailed back to China.   I do remember that I made a mental note never to purchase from that vendor again even if it had a better price.