Fan noise Bose L1 Model II

Hi everybody,

I use 2 Bose L1 Model II connected to a Tonematch 4S.

One is the older model with Firmware 1.4. It sounds great and has a quiet fan.

The other model is newer and comes with 1.5. The fan starts immediately at low speed, but anyway you can hear it.

I learned that this is normal behavior.

Actually I do not like the new normal and I'm asking myself, whether I could try to use firmware 1.4 with the newer model to eliminate the noise, or if there could be created a new version 1.6 to reintroduce the old fan behavior.

Talked to the Bose support today and I heard that it might be a good idea to hear from you guys whether you would also like that idea and support it!


So, what do you think?







Hi Ollie,

Welcome to the Bose forum! Thank you for joining us.

Thank you for your feedback on the L1 Model II. We do not recommend rolling back firmware versions on these systems, in case any errors occur. Whilst you may find the fan noise to be more prominent when the system is turned on, you should find that this is barely noticeable when the system is in use and audio is playing.