Faulty Connector between speaker units L1 M2

For the 2nd time now we have had the sound in the top tower on the L1 M2 system cut out in the middle of a gig. Does not reflect well on us or BOSE! We have previously had this returned to BOSE when it happened before, and am not really impressed with the connector between the two speakers. This seems very flimsey and as has happened with us twice now, cuts out when any movement is applied to the top speaker - this happened through floor vibration. Any suggestions - we will be leaving the system in with our supplier this week, but are starting to lose confidence in the system.

Sorry to hear of your ongoing issues with your system! To be honest with you, we do not get this type of issue in technical support very often at all. Is the system on an even surface and is the bayonet assembly firm? Do the connectors look solid as well? If all of these check out, you would definitely want to call us at support to setup service. It is typically a much faster and more direct way to take care of your ongoing issue. Our ph# is 877-335-2673 and anyone here can help you out.


We have left these with our supplier. Its always on a flat surface, but there is always a small gap at the front where the two speakers meet, therfore some movement takes place.