Feeding only 300W to a RMU208

Currently facing a situation where I have a PM4500 and must power 3 RMU208 on single channel mono which would give me 300W for each channel since this speaker is 8ohm, I could wire them parallel to lower the resistance to 4ohm on a pair of RMU208 but the client requires Left Right and Center channels independently.

Will I loose significant power if I give this speaker only its long term power requirement?

Power Handling, long-term continuous
Bose extended-lifecycle test4: 300 W

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If I understand correctly the PM4500 will provide me with 300w RMS for each mono channel and would be loosing 3dB on each RMU208.

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the power handling numbers in the TDS are stated using a noise signal with 6dB crest factor. In order to achieve this power, you need an amplifier with 600 watts of RMS power. If you can only supply 300 watts, the max SPL numbers from the TDS would have to be reduced by 3dB.

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that is correct.

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