Finding BOSE support

I've got 2 x L1 Model 2's, and need someone here in Perth, western Australia to "service" them before I sell them. I've searched for a few weeks, and rang a few "authorised" Bose service centres, and they all have shut up shop. I don't think there is actually a Bose store here in Western Australia.

If I needed repairs, i am basically stuck!

For gear that cost me over $10,000 (I've got six bass-boxes and a Packlite) back in 2010, you'd think there would be better communication.

The website just sent me in circles, and when i rang the 1800 number, it looks like they're on holidays.

Hey ozzysteve,


Apologies for the issues here! We would be able to get this repaired at our main repair center in NSW. May I ask if the 1800 number you called is 1800 061 046? To my understanding there weren't any issues with phone lines yesterday. If you still are having issues contacting us then please let me know and I'll reach out via DM to organize a callback for you. 


Hope this helps!

Hi Jeremy

There is nothing wrong with the Bose L1, I just would like to know where to send it if something went wrong. I don't want to panic at the last minute. What is the procedure and address of the NSW repair shop?

Also, is there some where over here in the West that can do a "service" (check everything)?



Hey ozzysteve, 


So if something goes wrong with the L1, I'd recommend that the person you sell to contact us via telephone to organize the repair. Unfortunately we do not offer a service to provide a check over for products. 


Hope this helps!