Firmware T4S

Hi there. I’m getting a weird dialog box when I try to open the L1 updater (I don’t have an L1 btw) and same message when I try to open the t4 update master -v1.1-25adfea.bos. Both of those files generate a dialog box that says ‘there is no application set to open the document’ and no clear path to what application would open it.  I did watch the vid and read the instructions, but there’s no mention of this glitch and I can’t seem to get past it to open the files and move forward. I’m in macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! 

Hi Songcatcher,

You can't open a *.bos file directly.

You need to download, open and run

v1.3 for MAC (the L1 Updater program for MAC)

You open the *.bos file from within the L1 Updater.

If you are having trouble running the L1 Updater for MAC, you may be experiencing a compatibility issue with macOS High Sierra 10.13.6.

Do you have access to a different computer? 


Thanks for your response. I had the same thought as I was sitting here, before I got your reply. I did download from that link you enclosed and it's telling me it's not compatible. I've had issues like this since I updated to High Sierra, which I believe uses a new Apple file system. I'll try it on another computer that doesn't have High Sierra. Thank you! 

I'm at the other computer now. I downloaded from the link you enclosed, opened the folder and I'm also getting an incompatibility alert on this computer, which is running MacOS Sierra 10.12.6, not High Sierra 10.13.6, so looks to be the version before that. I clicked on the top item on the menu, once I opened the folder, which says T4s Firmware: v1.0.1, and clicked on the update button. There's no other version of T4S Firmware available in the menu. The dialog box says 'the selected file is not compatible. Please select a compatible file". Any thoughts/suggestions/help greatly appreciated. 

Thank you!


Hi Songcatcher,

You're 99% there.  You need to put the *.bos file in the same folder as the L1 Updater. Then when you click the update button, the *.bos file should be visible.

Okay now?


Success! I missed the step of putting the .bos file into the same folder as the updater. That was it. Thank you for your help and for your patience  

Hi Songcatcher,

Terrific! Thanks for coming back to let us know you're okay.


The new reverb settings seem to be great. Only one show in but wow!


will come back after a couple more shows 

In another post I saw on the forum (not sure which one off the top of my head), you suggested that, at the end of the firmware update, to do a factory reset. Is that correct? Thx! 

Hi Songcatcher,

Please see Factory Reset for the instructions.