Firmware Update not working for Quiet Comfort Earbuds on PC or Android

Good evening, 


I just bought the QC earbuds today, and a big factor in the purchase was the new firmware update to add touch volume control. I was really disappointed then to find that no matter how many times I tried to update using the app on my Google Pixel (disconnecting and reconnecting, taking out the earphones and putting them back in etc) it just wouldn't update: it downloaded ok it seems but then when the earbuds were in the case the lights just flash from side to side for literally hours - at longest, I left them 2 hours and nothing seemed to happen. 


I've since tried to connect them to 2 different laptops and use the site and associated app. but no luck either! On both machines I got an error indicating the app failed to launch. 


Please help me with this, as I say this single feature was pretty much a deal breaker for me - I wasn't going to buy them until I found out this update had been released  - and now I can't seem to install it!


Very many thanks, 



Update: it seems it has actually updated now, there is volume control on the earbud as promised. The case continues, however, to indicate "updating"., ie sequential flashing lights from left to right when the earbuds are in! I've tried disconnecting bluetooth, plugging in the case to the laptop, both with earbuds in and out and yet it persists!


Any help much appreciated, thank you

Hi Taz,


I'm glad to hear you are now able to access the volume control on your earbuds, but it's strange that they still show as updating when the earbuds are in the case! What I would recommend doing next is a reset of your earbuds. To perform a reset what you need to do is:

  • Place the earbuds in the charging case. Make sure the case is plugged in and charging
  • Close the charging case lid, wait 5 seconds, and then open the lid
  • Press and hold the Bluetooth button for 30 seconds and then release. The earbuds's LEDs begin blinking, turn solid white, and then begin blinking blue. The product is now in pairing mode and the earbuds' device list is cleared

Let me know if you see any change to the LEDs after doing this!

Hi Keith, 


Thank you very much for your helpful reply - this sorted it. It was stuck trying to update to latest firmware from Version 1.0.7 it seems: one reset it updated to 1.2.7 in 3 mins in the case. I also notice that this update has sorted a few bugs, with Bluetooth connection and touch responsivity, which is great!


While you're here Keith, can I please also echo what my others has stated on here, namely that it would be great if the next firmware update could also add the ability to skip back a track. These earphones are clearly premium and industry leading, with the excellent ANC, so it's such a shame they lack something that earphones one tenth the price often include. And even more important given the pandemic when users - including myself - want to minimise taking out their phones on public transport. Bose did the right thing by adding the volume control and I really hope they will follow suit with this essential feature; do you happen to know if it's in the pipeline?


Thank you once again Keith

Hi Taz,


I'm glad to hear the earbuds have now updated correctly for you! Thanks as well for accepting the post as a solution so that it helps any other users in the Community that may come across a similar issue.


I'll be sure to pass your feedback along to our development team so they know you would also like to see a skip back feature added to the earbuds. I do know this is a feature that we have had a lot of requests for from other users as well. Sadly, I don't have any information to share at this time about any upcoming updates to the earbuds, so I would not be able to say for certain whether skipping back on tracks from the earbuds is a feature that is being added or not. However, I will make sure the team knows it's a feature you are interested in, and the more requests for this feature we get, the more we can make the team aware of how popular it would be!


Let me know if you have any other feedback as well, as we do always love to hear your ideas on what can be done to improve!