FreeSpace FS GLL

A GLL for FreeSpace FS loudspeakers is available for download here.

Please note the following:

The GLL contains all five FreeSpace FS loudspeakers. It also allows to select between the following signal processing options: Recommended Bose Speaker EQ, EN54 EQ or simple highpass filter.  

The data is compatible with the current Modeler .spm files for these products but utilizes the full frequency resolution from the balloon measurements, that is 24th octave resolution.

The polar data of the ceiling-mount speakers has been captured in a half-space environment, where the loudspeaker is flush-mounted into the boundary. This means that any boundary loading effects at low-to-mid frequencies from the primary boundary are already considered in the (direct-field) balloon response.

The default orientation of the ceiling speakers is such that they require a pitch of -90 degrees in order to point straight down.


Please let us know if you got any questions or remarks.


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